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TEFL/TESOL Franchise Opportunity

 *Join An Established Network! Become Westminster College London Franchise

*TEFL teaching and training is a massive global industry that continues to grow year upon year.

Whether the global economy is booming or in recession the TEFL market remains strong. Quite simply, there is always a global demand to learn and teach English! This fact ensures a secure investment for anyone wanting to start a business in TEFL, with expansive opportunities for growth and development into a long and secure future.

We are now looking for established language schools and/or professional training institutions to expand our franchise network globally.

Who is a WCL Partner?

This is open to all organizations involved in the fields of TEFL/TESOL/ESL/ESOL including school, colleges and universities, as well as training organizations worldwide.

Why Partner with WCL?

WCL International is a worldwide organisation offering TESOL (TEFL, TESL, & ESL) related training products and services to people interested in becoming certified to teach English internationally. Westminster College London(WCL) is UK’s leading provider of English language teacher training courses. At WCL, we develop high quality curriculum materials using our expertise in the subject area knowledge, subject area practice and course design for adult learners.

Benefits Of Becoming A Franchised Westminster College London Training Centre

  • Low start up costs.
  • You will be joining a successful business with brand recognition built over the last 10 years. This means your business will be instantly recognisable and trusted as a quality course provider, cutting out a great deal of the initial time it takes to become established and trusted.
  • All of our courses are accredited by ITEFLAC, a specialist USA based ELT awarding organisation. This is a huge selling point when attracting students in an industry flooded with non reputable course providers.
  • All course materials are delivered in an easy to use online format, making grading and administration of the course simple and easy for both online and in-class courses.
  • The Westminster College London (Franchisor) will provide to the Franchisee:-
    a) logos
    b) course materials
    c) academic research materials
    d) international advertising
    e) signed certificates for all successful applicants
    f) will provide an accredited certificate to each applicant
    g) help to establish the programmes
    h) support as needed
    i) other rights to be discussed
  • The Franchisee may:-
    a) run as many courses per year as they wish
    b) establish their own country specific web site using Westminster College logos and materials
    c) have an option for a country exclusive franchise
    d) produce tailor made programmes for local conditions
    e) conference support
    f) may offer on-line courses or combined with part on-line
    g) on-sell


Partnership Process

WCL courses are licensed by WCL Partners for an initial licensing fee. Thereafter, WCL Partners pay a per student fee to WCL for each student who takes a WCL course. The licensing process is a several step process that WCL and the prospective partner complete together. Timing from the start of the licensing process to the delivery of your first WCL course will be approximately 3 months, depending upon your readiness and staffing and upon regulatory requirements.

If you are interested in a business opportunity with WCL (ie. becoming Licensed and trained to offer the “WCL System of Programmes in your educational institution, city or country), please fill in this form and click the “submit” button. A WCL International Business Development Manager will promptly respond to your inquiry.