Students’ Motivation

Students’ Motivation

Paata Charashvili – Director of British World / TEFL & TESOL Certified Teacher

During my teaching experience with a variety of age groups in Georgia and abroad , I found out that the most important factor in teaching is students’ motivation. I think every teacher is responsible for a student’s motivation.

How can teacher achieve a good result in teaching? This is the most important to organize learner-centre classes and see yourself as a teacher from each student’s perspective. There is nothing like seeing your students succeed. Especially when they pass exams, or get high grades. This fills you as a teacher a sense of pride.

There are many different standards in teaching, but I would categorize several the most important ones which I would like to recommend. First of all, think how can you provide interesting lesson which is not only for student but also for teacher too. If student and teacher are both engaged, result is always better. Prepare lesson plans. Organized lesson plans will help teacher and students to have a professional lesson that has each minute valuable and interesting. Praise students. If students achieve progress, you need to praise and students will be more enthusiastic especially when they recognize how the lessons are helping them. Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated and put yourself into students shoes. Of course, positive feedbacks are the most inspiring things that you get from your students.

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