Quality Assurance for Learning Providers

What is QALP?

QALP is a quality management system standard for ESOL providers. QALP provides a unified model for a quality and professional mode of operation in English Language schools based on WCL framework of reference. WCL levels are equivalent to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Why is it important?

The use of the QALP provides teachers with the following advantages:

  • 1. Access to a meaningful and useful point of reference that is understood globally and that informs their decisions on measuring language knowledge and skills.
  • 2. A detailed description of learning, teaching, and assessing languages, how learners compare to a set of competencies, and how they carry out communicative tasks.
  • 3. Teachers and learners move toward specific levels and specific goals of those levels.
  • 4. Teachers may want to select teaching materials (course books and resources) that are referenced to the CEFR.
  • 5. CEFR levels provide an indication of performance and ability to function in communicative contexts in a foreign language.
  • 6. There are no requirements in the CEFR; it is a framework of reference. It is up to the teacher and learner to plot a course for language development. The CEFR does not tell them what to do or how to do it.

Our services for English Language Providers

  1. Training staff how to hold placement tests (a complete package for holding placement tests)
  2. Training teachers how to use CEFR in the classroom
  3. Training teachers how to reach CEFR standards
  4. Recommendation on teaching materials

Quality Assurance Process

  1. Premises, Health, and Safety
  2. Promotional Activities
  3. Teaching Materials
  4. Learning Outcomes
  5. Grading and Assessment
  6. Suitability of Training Staff
  7. Support

Recognition and Certification

Schools will receive a certificate in Quality Management in Education as the proof of having WCL educational standards. Schools will benefit from:

  • Improve marketability – Your business gains global visibility and public trust by showing that you are committed in ensuring the integrity and excellence of learning programmes.
  • Global presence – WCL’s stable of international experts are well-equipped to apply a beneficial external view on your processes, thus minimising existing mistakes and enhancing your reputation within the industry.